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How to avoid a Phishing attack

– Anti-phishing toolbars are included in most web browsers. Ensure that you use the most up-to-date version

– Ensure that your anti-virus software is kept up to date

– Never respond to any unsolicited emails or phone calls that request personal, financial or security information

– Never visit a website from a link provided in an email and then enter your personal details because this website could be a fake website

– Ensure that websites on which you use confidential information have a secure connection. The http: should change to https:// when a site is secured

– Look out for the padlock in the browser window

– Heed the messages that appear in the browser alerting you to possible attacks

– Avoid sending personal or security information in an email

– Make sure you check your statements regularly and report any unusual account activity to Slane Credit Union

If you think you have been a target of phishing or have visited a phishing site and provided your details contact Slane Credit Union immediately.