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Types of loans available:
Amount you’d like to borrow (€)
Repayment term:
For how long (years):
Each repayment will be:
Your total repayment will be:
The total interest will be:

Standard Loans include:

Business Loan, Home Improvement Loan, Travel Loan, Medical Loan, Occasions Loan, Electrical Loan, Personal Loan, Express Loan
(all these loans are 10.8%, (A.P.R. 11.35%))

Car Loans

This applies to all Motor Loans 7.9% (A.P.R. 8.19%)

Education Loan 5.5% (A.P.R. 5.64%)

Christmas Loans apply to Christmas only 6% (A.P.R. 6.17%)

Secured Loan 5% (A.P.R. 5.17%)

All calculations are indicative only and not absolute.

Terms and Conditions apply