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Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy


Slane Credit Union collects data from its members for the purposes of identifying them and as the initial basis of providing the member services. We are committed to protecting your privacy and right to confidentiality.

Any member may discuss any matter relating to personal data that may be processed through our website may contact Barbara Markey, Manager, Slane Credit Union, Main Street, Slane, County Meath Tel:  041 982 4812    email:

The data we collect from members if for initial identification of the member only. Members must attend the Credit Union in person and present additional forms of information before personal details of the account are discussed.

Slane Credit Union does not profile its members, nor does it use enquiries as a basis for personal advertising or marketing.

Slane Credit Union does not share personal data to third parties other than those acting as an agent, are duly authorised by the Regulator for Credit Unions or as required by law.

Under Section 4 of the Data Protection Acts, a member of Slane Credit Union has a right to be given a copy of his/her data, by initially making a Subject Access Request to Barbara Markey, Manager of Slane Credit Union.

Subject Access Requests will only be responded to once the member has attended the Credit Union and satisfied the Manager as to their identity. A fee, not exceeding €6.35 may be charged per request.

Slane Credit Union will correct any personal data that is found to be inaccurate or will erase data within 40 calendar days of a person proving identity and subsequently making a request.

Slane takes its responsibility for personal data security seriously and regularly reviews its data protection policy and employs specialists to ensure its systems meet security challenges as far as possible in a dynamic world.

Slane is committed to maintaining accurate and up to date information. Changes in personal data can only be done by attending the Credit Union with an acceptable form of identification to show proof of identity and membership.

Slane Credit Union only holds personal data in conformance with the rules of the Credit Union Regulator. Slane will review and delete all data supplied/obtained which is in excess of that required or in no longer necessary for the maintenance of a members account.

Data will not be held by Slane Credit Union for longer than is necessary for the purpose it is collected.

Complaints about Slane Credit Union’s data collection must be made in writing to Barbara Markey for consideration and a response. Complainants must prove identity and membership of Slane Credit Union.

If a member remains dissatisfied, they may make a formal complaint in writing to the Chair of Slane Credit Union.

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